Bruno- gentle Boerboel needs a lifeline!

Please SHARE! Status: URGENT! Bruno was handed in to be euthanised by a deeply disinterested owner, the poor dog he came in with didn't even survive the journey to the vets, Bruno thankfully is still with us! 😓 He's currently hidden in a stable whilst we look for a foster/ forever home! 😳 Bruno is 2/3 years old, good with other dogs and humans (cats unknown) and has quite the personality on him! 😄 He is partially deaf thanks to a long untreated [...]

Puppy to be euthanised for “not playing”- Adopted!

Remember Simba? 🐶 Handed in on a township outreach to be put to sleep, his crime?... "Not playing"... 😖 Watch his journey from half dead Doglet to the happiest pooch in town! ❤️   Massive thanks again to a most epic foster, the world's kindest vets, everyone who shared, everyone who donated and to his new family who were at Adoption day before we even were! 😳😊 Happiness all round, over and out, Sidewalk Specials and Simba 🐶💕 [...]

Dog dumped for being stinky- Adopted!!

Remember Cola? 🐶 Ten years old and not a tooth in her mouth, little Cola was used to sleeping out in the dirt 😢 That was till her owners dumped her on a euthanasia list... The reason? She smelt! Well, that is what happens when you never bath a dog once in her life! 🙄 Cola was supposed to come to Sidewalk Specials Adoption Day but she never made it... for the best reason possible! ❤️   [...]