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‘Little Dog’ the garden gnome….

Hi guys! 🐶

My names ‘little dog’, well it isn’t really ‘little dog’ but that’s what I’ve been called since I lost my family! 😢

Please don’t think I’m a bad dog! I didn’t lose them, they chose to lose me, they moved to a house that didn’t allow dogs…I don’t know why they did that..I would never have done that to them! 💔

A kind lady found out I was homeless, she took me to this place called a vet- I’d never been to one before- you see I’d never actually left my garden before- Foster mom says they should’ve called me Gnome! 😳

Then another kind lady volunteered 5 hours of her day to drive me to Cape Town!! Ladies like those two, Foster mom says, their the real definition of beauty! 💕

So that all happened in a day! I lost my family and met the world!

I was handed to Foster mom in a ‘Canal Walk’ lay by, I kept looking for my family, I shook and cried all the way to Cape Town. Foster mom asked me very nicely to please not pee all over her car, apparently that’s happened before, I promised her I’d be brave & try not to! 🐾

When we got to Cape Town I got taken to a park, my very first park!! 🌳🍂 So many new smells!! I met Ally, the Foster dog, she was sweet and licked my head when I cried! We went on a walk and I slept in her crate so I wasn’t lonely! 🐶🐶💤💤

In the morning we went for a beach breakfast! Then my own little miracle happened… ☺️🙏🏻

A furry little white butt waddled past us & jumped into a car! Well this furry little white butt looked just like my furry little black butt and as Foster mom had no idea what kind of dog I was we ran after the car and yelled “sorry, but what breed is that?!”

Now it turned out fluffy little white butt was called Missy, Missy is a pure bred Sidewalk Special just like me and guess what?!… Missy needed a friend!!! 😃

So in a record 17 hours I went from being an afterthought, a lawn ornament, a statistic! To being….ADOPTED!! 💕

Foster mom didn’t even have chance to advertise me!!

Three days later and I’m now called Max, I have my new sister Missy, and a Mummy and Daddy who love me! I go to Doggy daycare so I never have to be alone, I have my very own special bed, and I’m even allowed on the sofa! 

So thanks to the kind humans, the ones that joined the dots so I could go from being a garden gnome to being a pampered pooch with my forever family! 🐶💕

Fostering saves Doglets like me from becoming homeless or a statistic, if you’d like to try it please email:

Over and out, Max 🐾

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  • Carrie Turner 18th November 2015 6:39 am

    Rachael you are amazing…thanks to your dedication and selflessness we now have Max…lucky Max, but wonderfully lucky US! xxxxx

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