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Mango! Cape town- URGENT foster/ forever home needed!

Hi guys, my names Mango! 🐶

Sorry for looking so scruffy, I know people prefer fluffy puppies to old timers like me. I’m kinda embarrassed to be here..😳😳

Thing is before yesterday I fitted in, I lived on a street corner in Gugulethu and I blended!!

I blended with the dirt and the rubbish and as long as I stayed very still when people went by then no one kicked me or hurt me! When it was quiet then I could go try find food and shelter, it wasn’t a great life but it was the only one I knew! 🙁

But yesterday a human came past and didn’t ignore me, she looked right at me and said “Hey Mr! You like Biltong?”, then she pelted me with food, threw a rope around my neck and launched me into her car?!?! 😱

I was so scared i just froze, I thought my time had come see, I knew humans didn’t like sick old dogs like me! 😢🐾

But then this thing happened, suddenly people saw me! They actually looked and saw me!😦

My burning skin, my broken teeth, my ribs jabbing through my fur! And they cared, they really cared! 

The kind ladies at Vetpoint (Seapoint, Cape Town) gave me jabs, mange medicine, dewormers, antibiotics, and they did it for FREE! Cus they thought I was worth it! 😯

Foster mom told me some lovely people in Hout Bay had a very expensive kennel for me to sleep in, they was selling it but they said I was special and gave it FREE too!! And a lovely guy called Ant took hours of his day and nearly broke his back to move it via trailer so I could have somewhere to hide and get better! 💕


I didn’t know people like this existed!! 😊😊😊

In the morning when I met Ally, well, I got a little scared! Pitbulls in the townships weren’t always that friendly to me see!

I got so scared I actually jumped over the front wall into the main road, I didn’t even look at the drop, Foster mom says I must be an Africanis x lemming!

Fortunately there was a bush to break my fall, saved by a shrubbery I was, still I made it all the way down to the beach before Foster mom (complete in her PJ’s) caught up with me! She didn’t think it was very funny but the people in the cars did! 😳

Now Foster mom says there’s one last thing I need: a home🏠

I’m good with cats, dogs, children and humans! 🐱🐶👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

I’m super low maintenance and I’m on the mend!

I’ve got my medicine all packed and ready to come with me! I guess I’d just like somewhere peaceful with a whole lotta love! 🐶❤️

Maybe if that’s you you could call Foster mom on: 079199 2253💕

Or if it’s not you maybe you could share my story till the right person sees it? 

Thanks Cape Town!! ❤️ Love Mango 🐶💕

An attempt at a rescue video below… 🐶💕

Comments: 2
  • Tristan breet 14th November 2015 4:43 pm

    To dear mango boy

    All my love and best wishes go out to you and may your life change so dramatically that you have nothing but joy , comfort , love , food and shelter and a forever home .. To restore your faith in humanity ..

  • Hannerie 15th November 2015 1:00 pm

    Is Mango n reun? Is dit n dominante hond?
    As dit n teef is en sy is NIE dominant nie kan ek julle eers help as julle nog nie iemand gekry het nie. Ek het egter dominante honde….beeshond…..min pins…..en dan natuurlik my rescue Maggie. Sy is glad nie dominant nie. Wil net liefde gee en he. Ek het al “gefoster” vir n rescue organisasie

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