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“He’s yucky- put him to sleep!”

Hi guys,

My names Nik- Nak!.. I’m a bit crispy see.. is that funny? I hope so! I hope I made you smile! 🐶 💕

All I made my last Mummy and Daddy was angry! I was a bad doggy, I got sick see…

They didn’t want me making my doggy brothers sick so today they took me to the vet.. I was so excited, the vet’s where I’d been wanting to go so I could get better and then they’d love me and stroke me again, but when we got there the receptionist started shouting at them! 😳

I didn’t understand why she was angry, they were trying to help me?! Weren’t they?

"put him to sleep"

But I understand now…they put me in a cage and left me…they said “he’s yucky- put him to sleep!”…they left me to die. 😞

Ive spent all day here, curled up on some newspaper, the receptionist who was shouting at Mummy and Daddy was surprised to see me when she was leaving, I was supposed to be dead already see, turns out the vet had got super busy and forgotten!

She started talking to me, she offered me food and water, but I’m too scared, I just want to hide! I can smell death, the vet won’t be busy tomorrow and then I’ll be gone! Like I was never here! 😞

She said she was going to try to help me, she said she’d send an email to Sidewalk Specials tonight and maybe a last minute miracle could happen…I told her no one would want a yucky dog like me…would they?

Nik- Nak is a male, small breed (Jack- Russell size) gentle dog, aprox 5 years (we can’t be sure in his current state). 

He will come with treatment for his mange, he needs a space to  heal and trust again. He will be sterilised when he is strong enough to cope.

This is NOT a false alarm , I am still awaiting papers in the UK, Nik- Nak will be put to sleep if a foster/ forever home does not step up! Posted 07/01/16.

Please contact Adri on 08460 36527 if you can save Nik- Naks life, if you can’t help please SHARE 🐶❤️

Nik- Nak will need medicine to heal and sterilisation once he’s stronger, any help with his vet bill will be gratefully received:


Sidewalk Specials

Account no: 931 364 2835

Bank code: 632 005

Ref: Nik- Nak

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  • Maggie 8th January 2016 11:05 pm

    please, please dont put NIK-Nak to sleep, he deserves a chance

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