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Nik- Nak gets a lifeline!

The receptionist came back today and she was smiling, I didn’t know why…


She took me out of the cage and gave me a bath, a bath!! My last day on earth and she’s bathing me- could life get any crueler?!! 😢


But she said I had to get cleaned up, cus I was going on a trip to Cape Town! She said that I’d broken a record!! Seven seconds was what it took to get me a foster! From posting to fostered- seven seconds!!!

A yucky dog like me?!…wow…thanks Cape Town!! 💕

Its only a ‘for now’ foster, but it means I have a week! A week to smell the sea air and find my forever home!

For the first time in a long time- I’m feeling hopeful!! 😊


If you maybe want a little, furry, corgie sized Sidewalk Special like me in your life email:

I’m mellow, mellow, mellow! Good with dogs, not met a cat yet, love kids! If you can’t adopt me, could you SHARE my story? A week ain’t long and I’m so close to safe!!

Over and out, Nik Nak 🐶💕

Nik- Nak will need medicine to heal and sterilisation once he’s stronger, any help with his vet bill will be gratefully received:


Sidewalk Specials

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