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Two month old puppy tries to rescue herself..Cape town URGENT home needed

Hi everyone! 🐶💕

My names Tink, when Foster Mom first saw me she said “ohhh she’s dinky, wow she’s stinky… we’ll call her Tinky!”

So that’s where the stoopid name came from! 😳

Before that I didn’t have a name, I didn’t have much: no shelter, no food, no medicine and I got sick! Super sick! 😞


Now I know puppies who get a bad lot in life, then get super sick, well we’re supposed to just accept it, curl up and die right?!

Well I didn’t wanna.. so I ran away, I ran and ran till I couldn’t run no more! Then I hid, the world was so big and scary and I didn’t have the energy to keep going! 😨

sad puppy

I’d pretty much given up when I heard a sound! A bark! I followed it and saw the best thing I ever did see! There was a family, the furless kind, and doggies, happy all together! 😍

I watched for a while, I so wanted to join, to be patted and fed and loved! But I knew I was homeless, sick and stinky and I didn’t belong in there! 😢

Eventually though I got’s so hungry I couldn’t stand it no more! So I did it, I walked on right in there..

It all went quiet…I knew it, I knew I was too ugly for their happiness!! I waited for them to chase me out…but then…THEY FED ME!! I was so happy I fell over! 😊💕

family hugging puppy

I hoped they’d keep me, that they could just let me stay, I wouldn’t have been a bother! I could have just watched their happiness- that would have been enough for me! But they’d just had a new furless baby, they just couldn’t , but they took me to Dr Cotton at Vet Point (Sea point)..they said she was a nice lady who’d help me get better…


And when I got there Dr Cotton said she knew a place where little Sidewalk Specials like me were treasured- so here I am! Asking if perhaps you could share my story, or maybe foster me? Or even love me forever? 🐶❤️

I’m a 2 month old, small mix breed, good with other dogs/ cats/ kids! Ive had all my shots and the only thing that I’ve got to heal from now is mange- but I’ve already got my medicine so that’ll be gone soon too! 😊💕


If you do have room for me please call Rachael on 079199 2253 if not maybe you could help towards my vet bill:


Sidewalk Specials

Account no: 931 364 2835

Bank code: 632 005

Reference: Tink

Over and out, a hopeful stinky Tinky  🐶💕

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