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‘Ugly’- the dog who stayed…Cape town URGENT foster/ forever home needed!

Does it look bad? Does it make me look ugly? I mean uglier..I know people’s think I look ugly and mean…😢

Does you think we could cover it with a bandana?

Then maybe some nice people will see me and take me home?! ..Maybe?..

ugly neck wound

ugly neck wound

I didn’t mean to cut myself, I’d just waited so long! I waited and waited, my daddy said “stay” so I stayed!

It was hot and I stayed, I was thirsty and I stayed, I was so hungry and I stayed. I stayed when the kids threw rocks. I stayed when it got dark and scary. I stayed and I thought he’d be proud of me… I thought he’d take me home again…

I stayed so long that my rope got tight… I stayed so long I bled.. I stayed till I couldn’t stay no more then I pulled! It hurt me so much to pull free but I knew that my Daddy must’ve lost me and if I could just find him again he’d make the hurtie go away!

But I couldn’t find him, I couldn’t find a single kind face, people looked at me like I was mean, they yelled I was ugly and threw things, I’ve never had a name before..maybe ‘ugly’ is my name?…

After a few hours running I got to the high way, the cars were scary but not as scary as the cruel people, then a car pulled over and a man got out- it wasn’t my Daddy but he spoke softly, he seemed kind- so i wagged my tail real hard, so he knew I was kind too! 🐶❤️


And he must’ve understood cus he rescued me, he put me in his car and took me home, I wagged my tail real hard for his doggies so they knew I was friendly! I played with their children and showed that I was a good boy, “a real sweetie” they said! 😊


But then they said there was no room for me… they had full house already .😢..I thought I’d been good enough that they’d love me…but maybe no one loves an ugly black dog with a nasty wound, maybe Daddy was right to leave me tied up alone…😢

‘Ugly’ (we call him Ollie ❤️) is a 4+- year old male Staffy mix, he’s been brought up to date on his shots and sterilised,  he’s great with kids and other dogs but wants to chase cats 🐱🚫

He’s trusting and gentle and has nowhere to go! If you can foster/ adopt please contact Rachael on 0791 99 2253, if you can’t please SHARE! 💕

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Over and out, Sidewalk Specials 🐶💕

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