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An Ugly Story

So I’ve been quiet: last week was the rescue week from hell and social media was a bit beyond me..

  • Lamb died 😢
  • Ugly had me running back and forth to behaviourists, failed homings, rehabilitation centres and vets 😓
  • Sampson was dumped TWICE!! 😳
  • Ally my Foster dog was injured…💔

Blood, sweat and tears literally!

I was fretting about how to update, what to post, how much to say..but here it is, the ugly truth (well most of it) if you will:


FYI Sampson and Ally are both grand: Sampson’s re homed again, Ally felt sorry for herself for a whole day then saw a squirrel and forgot why! 😊

Always report dog fighting to your local rescue or SPCA, you can do it anonymously but make sure you tell someone cus the dogs can’t! 🐶

I’m now off to rescue some wine out of bottles…sigh..

Onwards and upwards, Sidewalk Specials 🐶💕

Special thanks to DARG, Guardian Angels and the Villiers family

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