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has come about to rescue as many dogs as possible, using a network of Fosters and Social Media to re home saved dogs & to wake the general public up.
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The day harbour dog broke the internet

Well what can I say, I posted at 8 am thinking we have one day to home a sweet, smelly old dog, this’ll take a miracle! 😓

By 10am 600 shares and two offers of homes, by 2pm 1245 shares and twenty four offers of homes, by 5pm 2178 shares and forty seven offers of homes!! 😊💕

Needless to say at this point my iPhone battery gave up the ghost and any more offers sadly went to voicemail!

Here is my gormless face and a very excited Harbour dog on the way to home check a lovely farm, where mummy works from home, he has two fur brothers, a human brother and he gets to sleep next to his new mummy’s bed! ❤️


Not that he’s figured out how to use his bed yet but Hey Ho…

harbour dog doesn't know how to use a bed

All I can say is a massive massive thank you Cape Town, you networked the hell out of Harbour Dog (now called Captain!) and now he has a safe, happy future with his very own family! We’ve even had reports of tail wags!! 😊

We will update more as he settles in and heals! ❤️

Now usually at this point we’d point out that Harbour Dog is sick as a dog and needs medical help, we’d ask for donations and some people would step up and all would be well for Harbour Dog…

But I’m going to ask for something else!

When I went to collect pain killers for Harbour Dog yesterday look what caught my eye..

bruno dog

Meet Bruno, aprox 5 years old and in a sorry state! He was picked up from the same area as Harbour Dog and is in total shut down in the shelter! Apparently his owners moved and didn’t bother to take him! 😢

Currently the only thing that brings him any comfort is his bed, and he never leaves it!

He’s fine with other dogs and cats, he’s recovering from mange but isn’t contagious to human or animal! He’s another gentle soul, so great with kids!



Please call Rachael on 0791 992253 if you can offer Bruno and his treasured bed a place to heal!

Over and Out, Sidewalk Specials 🐶💕


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