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Sunny’s Adopted!!

So we all remember Sunny’s sad story? Found on the side of the road in a dire state in a Sunbeam box!

home needed

And how she was having a hard time finding her forever human?

sunny looking for her home

Well guess what…you shared her story and Sunny went on her very first trial sleep over this weekend…

Here’s how it unfolded! First things first, the cats:

“Diablo grew up with dogs so should be ok. Loki on the other hand (pictured) …he had a nervous breakdown when we brought a balloon home. He’s pretty, just not very bright! 😊 We’ll get him some calming goodies”


“She’s having a wonderful time! Lots of garden runs and now collapsed in bed!” 💤

“Playing with her hedgehog and now fast asleep!”


“She is just the best little thing! ❤️❤️❤️”

sunny playing with hedgehog

“Chased all the balls and all my new friends! 😊”

happy sunny

“So I think you’ve realised this is pretty much a done deal! So how do we make this official?”

sunny adopted

Sidewalk Specials would like to say special thanks to the Foster family who housed Sunny for the month it took her to find her forever home!

You saved her life! 💕

Over and out, Sidewalk Specials 🐶❤️




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