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Cape Town – homeless puppy needs help!

Let’s be fair, life can get pretty rough in South Africa, and when it’s rough for the people- imagine what happens to the dogs!

Remember when little ‘Lamb’ passed away? You kindly donated towards township sterilisations in his memory! 💕


Well we had enough funds to cover SIX sterilisations, so we partnered with Tin Can Town rescue and headed into Blikkiesdorp…but we came back with more than we bargained for!


‘Stop that’ is a three month old, homeless female medium mix breed. She’s super friendly to dogs, cats and kids! Currently in Cape Town! ❤️

homeless puppy

Please SHARE and let’s get her the home she deserves! 💕

Call Rachael on 0791 9922 53

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  • Tristan breet 19th April 2016 9:06 pm

    Why do people who hardly have enough money to feed themselves think they can look after animals .. And looking at the disgusting state those animals are found .. It’s not just a lack of food .. It is lack of live , attention , grooming , care, warmth Etc .. Lazy and abusive

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