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has come about to rescue as many dogs as possible, using a network of Fosters and Social Media to re home saved dogs & to wake the general public up.
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Did someone say Adopted??!

Little ‘Stop That’, found in the Blikkiesdorp township, has had a change of fortune! 💕

adopted doggy

Now the new fur sister to two disgruntled Kitties! 😺


She gets daily play dates on the beach with her new buddies! 😊

play time

These days ‘Stop that’ also goes by the name ‘Laila’ (as well as “Oi” and “NO”! 😊)


Now that’s not all, do you remember little ‘No name’? Who was handed over with the threat of being kicked to death! 😡

kick her to death puppy

Well look at her now! She’s got her own big brother to protect her! 💕


She’s got her own human siblings to show her life can be fun!

puppy running

She’s now known as “Chip”! ❤️

chip the puppy

It’s safe to say she’s well and truly adopted! 🐶❤️

chip adopted

And it’s all thanks to your shares and support Cape Town! 💕

To Chip and Laila’s Foster families- you loved them and gave us the time to find their forever homes! You will be blessed! ❤️

Please support Sidewalk Specials Crowd funding campaign! 🐶

We’ve had to put the currency as pounds, ZAR wasn’t offered as an option! However its pretty much this:

R240 = £10

R480 = £20

R720 = £30

R1200 = £50

Please don’t be freaked out by the £ sign- we all know what Zuma’s done to our currency- haven’t we already proved there’s strength in numbers?! We’re almost half way already! 😊

Any donation will be greatly appreciated! 🐶

Over and out, Sidewalk Specials 💕


                                                  SUPPORT SIDEWALK SPECIALS! 🐶❤️

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