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has come about to rescue as many dogs as possible, using a network of Fosters and Social Media to re home saved dogs & to wake the general public up.
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“Can you help us get to Adoption day?”

Hi guys!

My names Bear! 🐶

bear photo

And this is my sister, Bumble 🐶


We is two months old and we’ve lived all our lives in an overcrowded Oudtshoorn pound, the people at the pound is worried we isn’t going to make it out! So Sidewalk Specials has said we can come to their adoption day in Cape Town! 😄

The peoples at the pound want to save us so much they is going to drive us 5 whole hours to get us to safety! ❤️

The only thing is puppies don’t have money for hotels, and neither do rescues, and we hasn’t got nowhere to stay in Cape Town! 😓

Does you think you could foster us for a week or two and help us attend Adoption day at the Oranjezicht Market (Granger Bay) on the 4th June?

While were on the subject of doggies in need…there are two others that are urgent! 😢

This is gentle Jada, she looks after all the puppies even though she’s super scared herself, we don’t want to leave her behind…

She’s a tiny 4 year old goodness knows what- she’s definitely a dog though! 🐶

cat dog

And this is her current puppy charge, a mini 2 month old Jack Russell puppy called Roo! 🐶

Roo puppy

So thats four of us! We can be split up though so don’t worry! 😊

We’d be super grateful if you could find a little pillow for one of us to sleep on?

We is all good with other doggies, children, kitties and we’ll arrive up to date on all our shots! 🐶💕

Could you share us Cape Town?

Message Rachael on 0791 9922 53 if you can foster us, if you wanna use that wassap thing then use +44 795 2599 351.

Over and out, a hopeful Bear and Sidewalk Specials 🐶💕


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