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has come about to rescue as many dogs as possible, using a network of Fosters and Social Media to re home saved dogs & to wake the general public up.
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Oudtshoorn dogs won’t be going to Adoption day…

…Because we’ve all been adopted already!! 😍😍😍

Can you believe it guys! We was adopted before we even arrived!…which was probably for the best cus after travelling through the night we arrived as stinky little poo puppies! 😳

My sister Bumble didn’t even have to come, she was adopted straight from the pound! 💕

So Sidewalk Specials took Mila, a Pit bull puppy, instead! 🐶

Sidewalk Specials was waiting for us when we finally got to the depot at 7am! We knew it was her cus she was clutching coffee and covered in dog hair! 🐶❤️

Then it was straight to the bath for us! 😖

Then to Vet Point (Sea Point) to give us all the once over!…they had no business putting that thermometer there!! 😳

Then we was off to our homes! You wanna see?! Do yah? Huh?


This is me with my new brother! ❤️

We share chew toys- its great! 😊

Roo’s having a blast too! She has a fur brother who’s showing her the ropes of home life! 🐶❤️

And Jada’s fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a hipster dog in Muizenburg, apparently she has a full wardrobe and travels via hand bag!

And Mila, the Pit bull puppy, was spotted over a crowded restaurant whilst Sidewalk Specials was re- caffeinating and never even had to be advertised or nothin!

She now has a whole cat army to protect her! She matches them too! 🐱🐱

She doesn’t know how lucky she is- it doesn’t always go so well for Pit bulls in pounds! 😢

So yeah! That’s that! Cape Town stepped up epically so Sidewalk Specials went and rescued a whole new bunch of Doglet’s in our place! 🐶❤️

This is Crumb! He needs a foster/ forever home! Donations! And prayers! 💕

This is Ella, she needs her human!! 😊

This is Badger! She’s had a hard time, she needs a foster/ forever home, donations and lots of love! ❤️

Head down to Adoption Day at Oranjezicht City Farm Market (Granger Bay) to meet them! 4th June!!🐶

Over and out, a very happy Bear and Sidewalk Specials! 🐶💕


We’ve rescued 15 dogs this week alone, our vet’s bills are showing the strain, please support our work:

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