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has come about to rescue as many dogs as possible, using a network of Fosters and Social Media to re home saved dogs & to wake the general public up.
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UPDATE- Dog beaten with plank- Adopted!

Remember little Raccoon, the dog beaten with a plank for eating the cat food? 😓

Well you did it once again Cape Town , you shared, donated, prayed and opened up your homes! We even received emails and donations from Europe, America and more! 😍

One mans trash is another mans treasure as they say! 😊

Watch Raccoon’s happy tail unfold:


And why don’t we share this as much as we did her plea, goodness knows the world needs some positivity!!

Over and out, a very happy Sidewalk Specials 🐶💕

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Comments: 2
  • Annie sparow 24th June 2016 10:24 am

    That’s was a tear jerker but so happy he is safe, warm, love, fed and appreciated ☺☺
    Thank you for loving him (thats all he wanted
    Your safe now fur buddy xxxxx

  • Jodi 24th June 2016 2:48 pm

    UPDATE- Dog beaten with plank- Adopted!
    I cried, just knowing 47 family’s wanted Racoon. I shared the video everywhere I could think of.. thank you Amen for good and caring people. THANK YOU ALL !!!!!! Thank you SIDEWALK SPECIALS.Bless his forever home please let us know how Raccoon is doing we all love his big heart and thankful your honorable work and dedication.

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