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Pit bull

Scout- the Pit bull no one wanted- Adopted!

Hi Guys,

It’s me, Scout, or actually I got’s me a new name now- Evie! ❤️

My new Mummy and Daddy called me Evie cus I’m so “sweet, gentle and shy”, their words not mine! See I made a good impression! Real good! Like they got me a new bed on the second trial day good! 😊

They seemed to think me and my new brother had our beds mixed up though, don’t know why, humans are fussy like that!

pit bull bed

My new homes awesome, but the best bit is my brother Pablo! He’s a Rottweiler- people bully his breed too- so he totally gets the Pit bull prejudice! 🐶

I just wanna say thanks for sharing me as much as you did, apparently a few people wanted me- hopefully they’ll go and save another shelter Pittie instead- I know I’m lucky, most of us never get to leave the shelter at all! 😢

And to my foster, who took me in even when we wasn’t sure I’d make it, well you is my guardian angel for sure! 💕

Anyway I’m gonna have a little nap now, then I think Pablo wants to play again..😍

pit bull happiness

Over and out a happy Evie and Sidewalk Specials 🐶💕

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