Sidewalk Specials

has come about to rescue as many dogs as possible, using a network of Fosters and Social Media to re home saved dogs & to wake the general public up.
Adopt don’t Shop!

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90% of Sidewalk Specials dogs come from one area- Witzenberg!

As fast as we are rescuing they are breeding! Been born into a life of poverty, neglect & worse.. 😖

The simple fact is we can’t save them all & even if we could they would only be replaced with another who would meet the same fate.

We need to educate the humans and sterilise the dogs & we need to do it now! 🐶

Our street team are chomping at the bit to get to work, we have vets from all our practices wanting to give their time for free, we just need to fund the sterilisations!

A welfare sterilisation is R450/ £26/ $34 per adult dog, amazingly Dancers Love Dogs ( have just raised the bar!!! 🐶💕


So say we raise 100 sterilisations, we’ll actually get to perform 200!! 😊

We have our hearts broken daily with the sights we see, I know you watch the videos and feel the same, now we can finally help hundreds of dogs not just the lucky one or two!

Please DONATESHARE and challenge the people in your life to step up!

Over and out, a hopeful Sidewalk Specials 🐶💕

Bank details
Bank name: ABSA
Account name: Sidewalk Specials
Account no: 931 364 2835
Branch code: 632 005
Reference: Steri Drive
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Reference: Steri Drive
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