URGENT! Please share Cape town! Lambs new home has fallen through, poor little guy’s got no luck!


UPDATE: Lamb went on trial at a forever home however they have come back to us and said they’ve changed their mind about getting a second dog! So through no fault of his own Lamb is once again homeless! Please share!! Call Rachael 0791 9922 53 

I is called lamb! It isn’t my proper name, it’s my ‘for now’ name! 

Why is I called lamb? Cus foster mom says I look like one..I doesn’t see it myself…

Foster mom says I needs my own home and human to gets my proper name, she says that’s their job as my Mummy or Daddy! 

The thing is I had a human…I doesn’t want another! 

My human was forgetful see: she forgot to feed me, to bring me inside when it rained, to take me to the vet when I got sick!

And she was clumsy: she spilled hot water on me..a few times..and she’d trip and kick me too..it wasn’t her fault, she was clumsy is all…

But one thing my human did, one thing I can’t understand, is when a kind lady warned her I was so sick with tic fever that I was gonna die…my human said “then he must die”….I must have been a bad puppy…

So when I arrived with foster mommy, I kept quiet, I looked at the floor and I tried not to get in the way..I wanted to be a good puppy see…but Ally kept getting me in trouble…

But Foster mom didn’t seem angry, she thought we was funny?!

She even let me choose my very first toy, she said it would be all mine! It’s my first ‘mine’, I call him Cow, I take him everywhere!

Ally’s a Pitbull! She says that with hoomans it’s not the breed, it’s how they raised that counts! She said that Foster mom would make sure I gotta good one…

So if you got room for a 5 month old little lamb who’s good with cats, dogs & kids then maybe you could let Foster mom know on: 079199 2253 

If you haven’t got room for me, maybe you could share till the nice people’s see me? 

Thanks Cape Town, love Lamb.

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