Sampson in desperate need of a home! Please share Cape town!


UPDATE 28/12/15: Sampson went on trial at a potential forever home but the resident doggy wasn’t very welcoming! Sampson remained waggy tailed and loving throughout but is once again without a home!

Please keep sharing and contact Andrea on 082 727 0220 if you have room for this gentle soul!

Hi guys!

Sampson here, I heard you knew about me?! That you’d shared my story so much that instead of ‘going to sleep’ this Christmas I got to go to Cape town!!

See yesterday when they came and got me from the vet cage I was scared, I’d heard people saying I had to go to sleep..they said it in a way that made it sound bad, like I’d never wake up!

I’d wanted to stay in my little cage, at least I was safe there! I would’ve cried but I know 7 year old street dogs don’t mean much in this world, so I just hung my head and stared at the floor instead…

But outside at reception the vet people didn’t look sad anymore, they were smiling and happy! They introduced me to a lady who said she was my Christmas foster! She said she was taking me home!! I’ve heard of homes- I never thought I’d get to try one though!

When I arrived I was so excited! I ran around the garden and pee’d on everything! Then it really felt like home!! And I’m not lonely at all cus foster mom’s got a dog who looks just like me!!

I just wanna say thanks guys, I’ve been going it alone on the streets for a while now and its been hard, I heard over 400 of you shared my story and got me to a safe place! I guess the worlds not as cruel as I thought!

Foster mom says to remind you I’m only safe for Christmas. I’m still needing to find my forever home!

Im a chilled doggie, aprox 7 years old, up to date on my shots and about to get the snip (gulp!) I’m good with other Doglets, kitties and kiddies too- can’t ask fairer than that can you! 

So if you’d like a big teddy bear in your life maybe drop Sidewalk Specials a message on: 

If you can’t adopt me, could you share me again? This is my one shot at a home so I’d super appreciate it! 

Have a lovely Christmas and if you can go and help a shelter dog! 

Christmas is a dangerous time for homeless dogs, and for that dog- you might be the only one that comes! 

Over and out, Sampson. 

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