Two month old puppy tries to rescue herself..Cape town URGENT home needed


Hi everyone! 

My names Tink, when Foster Mom first saw me she said “ohhh she’s dinky, wow she’s stinky… we’ll call her Tinky!”

So that’s where the stoopid name came from! 

Before that I didn’t have a name, I didn’t have much: no shelter, no food, no medicine and I got sick! Super sick! 

Now I know puppies who get a bad lot in life, then get super sick, well we’re supposed to just accept it, curl up and die right?!

Well I didn’t wanna.. so I ran away, I ran and ran till I couldn’t run no more! Then I hid, the world was so big and scary and I didn’t have the energy to keep going!

I’d pretty much given up when I heard a sound! A bark! I followed it and saw the best thing I ever did see! There was a family, the furless kind, and doggies, happy all together! 

I watched for a while, I so wanted to join, to be patted and fed and loved! But I knew I was homeless, sick and stinky and I didn’t belong in there! 

Eventually though I got’s so hungry I couldn’t stand it no more! So I did it, I walked on right in there..

It all went quiet…I knew it, I knew I was too ugly for their happiness!! I waited for them to chase me out…but then…THEY FED ME!! I was so happy I fell over!

I hoped they’d keep me, that they could just let me stay, I wouldn’t have been a bother! I could have just watched their happiness- that would have been enough for me! But they’d just had a new furless baby, they just couldn’t , but they took me to Dr Cotton at Vet Point (Sea point)..they said she was a nice lady who’d help me get better…

And when I got there Dr Cotton said she knew a place where little Sidewalk Specials like me were treasured- so here I am! Asking if perhaps you could share my story, or maybe foster me? Or even love me forever?

I’m a 2 month old, small mix breed, good with other dogs/ cats/ kids! Ive had all my shots and the only thing that I’ve got to heal from now is mange- but I’ve already got my medicine so that’ll be gone soon too!

If you do have room for me please call Rachael on 079199 2253 if not maybe you could help towards my vet bill? 

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