Scruff will never go hungry again!


Hi guys,

Its me Scruff! You remember how I was found taped into a box on the side of the road?

After they got me out they found burn marks on my body and realised I couldn’t use my back legs properly, I was hit by a car and had hot water thrown on me before I was taped into that box see!

I think I was supposed to go to sleep forever at that vets but a nice lady made a call and Sidewalk Specials said they’d take me in! Can you believe it? They thought I was cute?!

So there I was been driven to Cape Town to some crazy people who thought a beat up thing like me was worth saving! I wanted to be saved but I didn’t feel good! Not good at all! 

When I arrived I was rushed to Vet Point (Sea Point) they weren’t expecting me but they fitted me in anyway! They is nice like that!

They said It wasn’t looking good, so they injected me, bathed me and stuck me on a drip!

Sidewalk Specials had to leave me behind, they said a prayer and waited for the phone call…

And when it came… I’d perked up see! I’d eaten a whole bowl of food and had a good nap and I was ready to see what Cape Town had in store for me!!

Guys it’s so great! I gots a bed- I gets chews- I gets water and food 24/7- no one hits me! I don’t know what I did to deserve this but boy oh boy I hope it never goes away!

I even got to go to an OZCF adoption day! I wasn’t involved, I just chilled in my bed and watched, but everyone who saw me said how cute I was! They said I was a good, brave girl! Some of them even cried.. I don’t know why…

But when people asked if I needed a home Foster mom said no!! I was a bit sad see cus a home sounded real nice! But I understood, I knew nobody would want a broken dog like me! 

But Sidewalk Specials knew something I didn’t!

They knew a lovely lady on a small holding in Stellenbosch was waiting for me, a lady who was so excited to love me better that her profile picture was already set as my little face! Foster mom knew I was ADOPTED! I already had a home!

And guys home feels like heaven! I follow my new Mummy everywhere and eat alllll the time! ?

I’m still on lots of medicine and have to go back to Vet Point for check ups! They want to see if they can raise the money to fix my broken leg- that’d be great cus I’m only two years old and then I could run like the other doggies do!

I wanna say thanks guys! You shared me till my new mummy saw me and now I’m never gonna go hungry or be hurt again!! 

Over and out, a happy happy Scruff!! 

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