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Pit bull scheduled to be euthanised tomorrow- SAFE IN FOSTER!

What a crazy, crazy day yesterday was! ?

It’s 9am, we have till 12pm to pull Henri! We’ve had calls of support, enough donations, offers of lifts but no foster home… ?

Naturally this being Africa we set off anyway, basically thinking ‘we’ll make a plan’… ?

En route a call, all your wonderful sharing had made its way to Henri’s original owner! Turns out Henri has disappeared/ been stolen a month before!

A long conversation later and its established that with the current level of dog theft the property won’t be able to protect Henri and as it’s not Henri’s ‘job‘ to protect the property (it’s really not!) the owner would have to make a decision, we say a prayer he makes the right one and organise to go by once we’ve pulled Henri…

And this is basically how the day unfolded, en route back from Ceres the phone rings- at last the golden offer of a foster, and the rest as they say is history! ?


We are so, so, so overwhelmed and deeply impressed with the level of support Henri has received! ?❤️

For all the breed bullying the media likes to do clearly they’ve failed in convincing people Pit bulls are monsters! The only monster, as we say, is at the other end of the leash!

Over and out, Sidewalk Specials and a happily farting Henri! ??

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