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has come about to rescue as many dogs as possible, using a network of Fosters and Social Media to re home saved dogs & to wake the general public up.
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A Dog Called Nacho…

Nacho comes from Wolseley, Witzenberg!

An area where unsterilised dogs roam freely and puppies are always available in abundance!?x?

People struggling to comprehend the neglect…

Basically: If you never actually wanted the dog in the first place they aren’t ever going to hold much value to you are they? 

It’s not right but it is true…

Nacho is the face of the masses of Witzenberg dogs we intend to help on our upcoming Hill’s Steri Drive!

If you can sponsor a sterilisation and stop the next generation of Nacho’s being born into a life of neglect please use the button below:

sponsor a steri

Remember whatever you donate- Hill’s will match!! ?

Plus to say thanks for being awesome Pet Heaven will post you one of our Sidewalk Specials T- Shirts FREE! ?✅

So R450/ £24/ $33= TWO township sterilisations PLUS a FREE T- Shirt for yourself or the human of your choice! ?

Let’s start changing the world for the better in 2018!!

Sponsor A Full Sterilisation Or Donate Whatever You Can:

Bank details
Bank name: FNB
Account name: Sidewalk Specials NPC
Account no: 6271 4890 531
Branch code: 201 709
Reference: Donate for vet bills
Donate via card/ Paypal
Reference: Donate for vet bills
Click here: Donate
Sponsor a sterilisation
 sponsor a steri
Donate using Snap Scan
Support our Go Fund Me Campaign
 go fund me
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