Chained Dog Learns To Play!


Hi guys I’m Toby!

I used to live in De Doorns, it wasn’t much of a life, I was chained see…

I could only move a few feet most days- cus if I got excited my chain would tangle all up, I tried so hard to not get excited but if I saw my human I couldn’t help it, I’d bounce around and try get him to notice me, I thought maybe he’d play with me like he did when I was a puppy…he didn’t…

I used to sleep under some old planks, it didn’t stop me getting wet or cold but I was so, so proud that my human had tried for me that I never complained! I guess those planks are what changed everything though…

These people were walking around looking for dogs that didn’t have kennels see, when they saw me they didn’t look happy at all! I was wagging my tail and trying not to bounce around too much, but my chain was already tangled so I guess they understood why I couldn’t come and greet them!

They asked my human why I was chained…he said I was angry…I don’t know why he said that, I’ve never been angry, not even when he forgot to feed me, I’ve always thought the best of him…

The lady said I was nice though, she petted me, she smelled like food and kindness & she took me away from my human, I was a bit confused but she kept telling me I was a good boy- I’ve always wanted to be a good boy!

I’ve been in this thing called foster, it’s where they’re kind to you till someone decides to love you, they said I gotta hold on cus love don’t come around that often see! But I just wanna say I’ve been waiting five years to love someone so if you’re feeling a lil’ lonely…well I could fix that…

Toby five years old, sterilised and healthy, great with dogs and humans! If you can offer him a home please email:

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