The Difference a Care Pack Makes!


South Africa’s rescues are full to overflowing, most shelters would like to be pro life but the sheer numbers of dumped and unwanted animals make it an impossibility.

This is why removing dogs from townships and pushing them into an already overburdened welfare system is always our last resort!

Yes we’ll ensure our rescue gets homed but what about the dog sat quietly in the corner of their pen, whose home our rescue took, who didn’t have a video made about them, whose time is running out…the dog whose about to become another nameless statistic…

Sterilisation and education alongside basic vet care is the only solution! Uplifting animals in the homes they already have!

The reality is most township residents in De Doorns cannot afford vet care/sterilisation for their animals- that is the reality and getting angry about it doesn’t change it, nor help anyone, nor does it magic the animals away!

Happily there’s also other realities- the reality that we have vets willing to give their time for free, donors willing to step up and help an impoverished family provide for their animal, companies coming alongside to see where they can aid us!

We’re wanting to do one last push in 2020- Steri Drive 10– three hundred De Doorns animals receiving Care Packs!

Thanks to the amazing humans at the Wild at Heart Foundation– if you sponsor one township animal’s Care Pack for R450/€24/£20/$27 they will MATCH your donation!!

Meaning R450/€24/£20/$27 will allow us to sterilise, vaccinate, deworm, give Nexgard tick and flea medication, antibiotics, a bag of nutritious food and a warm kennel to TWO underprivileged dogs/cats!

Please use any of our donation options below with the reference: Steri Drive 10!

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