Steri Drive 11 in Pictures!

This little girl’s life’s about to change…

Steri Drive 11 through the eyes of Made in my camera.

Story in the photo comments…

To sponsor a township animal’s ‘Care Pack’ (R450/ €24/ £20/ $27) for upcoming Steri Drive 12 please use any donation option below with the reference: ‘Care Pack

Sidewalk Specials are PBO approved and can issue 18A tax certificates for donations received!

(A Care Pack’ includes vet check, inoculation, deworming, NexGard tick and flea treatment, sterilisation, antibiotics course, a Hill’s Pet Nutrition food parcel and a kennel for dogs without shelter)

Signed in, loaded and heading for Steri Drive 11…
Chained to prevent her getting pregnant? Heading in for sterilisation and location pinned for follow up outreach check.
Locals helping us by pre securing their cats for sterilisation.
Unwanted kittens heading for rehoming.
Mommy signed up for sterilisation.
Gary doing the leg work.
Pet Heaven volunteers explaining the aftercare instructions.
Thank you Pet Heaven for your added man power!
Usually we have max 50 cat sterilisations on an average De Doorns Steri Drive, for Steri Drive 11 we had a whopping 157!!
After receiving her ‘Care Pack’ which includes vet check, inoculation, deworming, NexGard tick and flea meds, sterilisation, antibiotics course and a Hill’s Pet Nutrition food parcel- she’s looking at a long and healthy life!
Collecting her best friend!
Vet Peta administrating vaccinations in recovery area.
Kitty coming home after sterilisation.
The look of love, patiently waiting for their pet to be unloaded from the Drop Off vehicle.
There’s no work out like a Steri Drive work out!
Feeling safe knowing she’s been spared a life of breeding.
Waiting at her gate with receipt and arm bands to claim her pets back.
Happiness is…
Kids helping Torben organise his paper work!
Vet Ilse from Table View Animal Hospital preps her Steri kit!
Alphen vet working like a machine!
We ask the community to secure their cats, not carry them, incase they escape. 100% for ingenuity!
Local girls arrived and asked to volunteer- the youth are the future!
Carrying your friend to get help, good work mam!
AtFrits worked from dawn till dusk making sure as many township animals got to see the vets as humanly possible!
Cape Animal Fertility Clinic are always such a support to Steri Drive!
Vet Elza working up a sweat
The Underdog team delivering animals back to excited owners!
Every owner received a Hero in My Hood activity book on good pet care!
Seeing the look on owners faces when their pets come home makes the blood, sweat and tears all worth it!
Silas catching up with old friends from Steri Drive 8!
Doglets waiting for their lift home after Steri, in each NexGard bag is their food parcel, educational book and vet card showing proof of sterilisation/ inoculation. Meaning they’re eligible for a kennel!
Beautiful eyes!
‘You’re gonna remove my what?!’
When you already sterilised but your owner uses her charm to get you some extra parasite control, sure thing ma’am!
Apple of her Daddy’s eye!
Dad’s off to church so the drop off team tag the house for easy return!
When you meet old friends not feeling great…
Jo, no one messes with Boss lady!
Tagged for transport to Cape Town and the specialist, Bobby here has heart problems, let’s see what’s possible…
CAMC putting their back into a stubborn recovery patient!
We love our vets, they work all week and volunteer all weekend, what absolute legends!!
Carrie running recovery like a well oiled machine!
Gary delivering kennels to dogs without shelter, another 80 kennels were placed this Steri Drive!
The trailer dropping off their best friends after sterilisation
Safe to say this street, at least, is sterilised.
Animals with injuries were also sent home with derma vet and diluted biotaine, helping owners uplift and care for their own pets!
Huge shout out to Vet Point & Reena Cotton for being our head vet & making all this possible!

478 township dogs & cats sterilised, inoculated, dewormed, given NexGard tick & flea medication, antibiotics, a food parcel and their owners an education pack! Thank you sponsors, volunteers, vets & donors! You guys rock!

Sidewalk Specials rely 100% on public donations to continue our work.

Please support where you can!

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