“Why Aren’t You Doing Steri Drives? Having A Holiday?”

Outreach is called to the Municipal Dump, a mommy dog has buried her pups and the bulldozers are enroute, a team effort ensues to locate the dogs before it’s too late…

“Why aren’t you doing Steri Drives? Having a holiday?”

With the distemper outbreak in De Doorns showing no signs of slowing down, Sidewalk Specials are running weekly outreaches, attending to emergencies, inoculating, collecting infected dogs and sparing them a slow, painful death.

Whilst this time has been extremely difficult for our team, we’ve never been prouder of them. Dog rescue is rough at the best of times, dog rescue with no happy ending is quite simply soul destroying.

If you can sponsor a township dog’s inoculation for R175 / £8 / $11 / €10 and protect them from this dreaded disease please use any donation option below and ref: Inoculate

Sidewalk Specials are PBO approved and can issue 18A tax receipts for all donations received!

If you can’t help, please share!

Finally we hear growling and spot the mommy…digging commences…
A puppy, quickly dubbed ‘Fat Norman’ is pulled out…Mommy is not so keen to join…
A few nibbles later and we have her…
Just in the nick of time, the area was cleared ten minutes later! Huge respect to Johan for alerting us to their plight!
Crated for their trip to Cape Town and foster!
The team frantically checking that no pups were left behind…
Local dump dogs looking fluffy and fat thanks to Outreaches’ continued intervention.
Outreach visits outlying farm houses, this is where we often find the worst cases of neglect yet also the owners who are most keen to be educated and do better.
Welcome Molly, signed up for a runner and placed on the weekly watch list. The owner knows if he wants to keep her he has to do better…
Parasite treatment, a course of antibiotics and placed on an ongoing feeding scheme…remember to simply confiscate means another dog will end up on the same chain. To uplift and educate means Molly and every dog going forward will live a better life.
It appears the dog has been stoned, immediate pain relief is given, though the chances of survival are slim. The owner is distraught.
It appears the dog has been stoned, immediate pain relief is given, though the chances of survival are slim.The owner is distraught.
Kids are always curious what the ‘dog people’ are up to, they are our eyes and ears in the township.
A local family asks for help, one of their dogs is showing signs of sickness, they have separated her to protect their other dogs.
With clear signs of distemper we deliver the bad news, the family beg us to try and save her. We advise that the survival rate is slim, the suffering is terrible and the danger to other dogs is huge. Euthanasia is the kindest option. By this point everyones hearts are breaking.
An owner seeks us out for a NexGard for her beloved companion and advises dogs are ‘acting funny’ in the next street…
The team start looking for distemper cases…
It’s not too long before we find our first casualty, alive but only just, he’s loaded to be taken for a kinder death.
Owners start approaching the team with clearly sick animals, we provide leashes whilst they are assessed.
The rest of the team try keep any healthy animals away.
We load only distemper positive cases, as the disease is airborne we cannot risk other dogs lives.
A mommy whose pups have all died…the discharge indicates distemper…the snap test confirms it.
One pup is left, ice cold and dehydrated.
When you know it’s chances are slim but you can’t help yourself.
Sadly he lasted only a few hours. RIP little Nugget.
The team are advised where the dogs are that need us the most…
If distemper negative then parasite treatment and antibiotics are administered at home.
This fine gent flagged us down to check on his kitten, kitten all good sir, have some food for your trouble!
Emma is found, mange ridden and weak with tick bite fever, we call on a volunteer to bring a distemper free car through for her transport to Cape Town.
Emma’s sister is in a far worse state, she’s loaded for the vet, though hopes are slim that she’ll make it.
The reality of a township with no means to access vet care.
The cars are full, it’s eleven distemper positive cases this week.
Truely the darkest time in Sidewalk Specials history. The only silver lining is that all dogs we’ve previously sterilised (and so inoculated) have survived this distemper outbreak.
At the vet for final assessments and, if necessary, euthanasia.
Emma’s sister is already suffering organ failure, she’s sent to heaven whilst the volunteer holding her tries to give her all the love, in five minutes, that she never got in life.
No words, it’s not what mans best friend deserves.
Volunteers try to take comfort in knowing they’ve spared eleven souls a slow, painful death. Though It’s a small comfort in the moment.
Animal warriors aren’t the critics sat typing on their couches, they’re the people willing to get their hands dirty.

RIP. Please inoculate your pets and if you can sponsor a township dogs’ inoculation for R175/ £8/ $11/ €10 please use the donation options below and ref: INOCULATE

Sidewalk Specials rely 100% on public donations to continue our work.

Please support where you can!

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