Vaccination Drive 3!

Reena Cotton vaccinates an old girl, sterilised & inoculated by us three years ago, she’s looking great but without re inoculation is susceptible to disease.

Following the devastating Distemper Outbreak in De Doorns we asked for your support in getting more life saving vaccines into De Doorns’ township dogs!

Thank you to everyone who donated and to the vets & volunteers who gave up their holiday to head into the trenches once again!

Two hundred more dogs vaccinated, dewormed, given NexGard tick and flea treatment and a Hill’s Pet Nutrition food parcel! 

If you can sponsor a township dog’s vaccination for R175 / £8 / $11 / €10 and allow us to head back for Vaccine Drive 4 please use any donation option below and ref: Vaccinate

Sidewalk Specials are PBO approved and can issue 18A tax receipts for all donations received! 

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Owners invite us into their homes, perfect strangers but they know we’re here to help their best friends!
NexGard once again steps up to the plate & covers two hundred township dogs tick & flea medication! Legends!
Collared so we can identify who needs a booster in a months time!
This lovely old gent walks his dog to us on a previously donated lead. Vaccination book from Steri Drive 9 in his hand, still in pristine condition! Some owners are such a pleasure.
Inoculated, dewormed, tick and flea meds given! All thanks to your donations!
An owner, concerned for his dog after his neighbours dogs passed from Distemper, asks for F10 to disinfect his feet when coming back into his yard! Gladly given!
She gave birth yesterday, rain is due, her owner fetches us for help.
Dr Cotton casually wrestling a less than grateful patient.
Moments before a Steri Drive kennel is offered back to us, it’s inhabitant having passed from old age. We’re asked to redistribute it to a dog in need.
Washed & disinfected ready for its new owner!
Safe in the nick of time! Mamma is inoculated, medicated & added to our weekly check up list ❤️
Thank you Hill’s Pet Nutrition for sponsoring this Vaccination Drive!
A family proudly show off their new family member.
When they think you’re coming in for a hug ???? Both hug & inoculation dispensed!
Doxy is dispensed for any dog exhibiting tick bite fever symptoms.
Whilst NexGard gets those nasty ticks off so the antibiotics can actually do their job!
Helping owners heal & uplift their own pets, breaking the cycle of neglect and educating at the same time.
This gentleman heard we were in town and carried his dog twenty minutes to get her inoculated! Well done sir.
Showing off her tricks, sterilised & fat, such a joy to see a pitty cared for like this ????
He ran to catch us, dedicated owners know about distemper now and have watched it kill over a hundred De Doorns dogs in the last four months! Vaccinations are both needed & desperately wanted in this township!
Teach ‘em young
Showing distemper signs…carried as he’s heard it’s contagious & he doesn’t want to spread it!
Snap test in progress…
Negative = happy dance. Doggo is treated for tick bite fever & added to next weeks check ups ❤️
Your heart sinks to see a vulnerable puppy in this Distemper ridden street.
We are again so thankful for your donations & the vaccines they allow us to buy!
Vaccinated, dewormed, tick & flea treatment & a bag of Hill’s food bigger than he is! We’ll be back for his booster.
The team hits ‘Rabbit Hole’, one of the poorer areas in the township. We are immediately inundated with owners & dogs, at least they know we’re here to help!
Looked after so well & signed up for sterilisation, 10/10 young lady!
The kids are fascinated…it’s so important that they see good pet ownership practice at this age…they’re the future of De Doorns’ dogs after all ❤️
Another fine young gent using the leash he received when he got his pitbull sterilised to bring her for re vaccination!
Fly bite on the ears, Leonard explains to the kids what they’re seeing and administers shoo fly and Dermavet to fix it!
Shaka is our final find of the day, his owner tells us how Shaka killed a snake & got bitten in the process…off to the vet he goes. If you can help with his vet bill please head to: Ref: Shaka

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Please support where you can!

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